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Jendalma Art & Design selects the works of talented artists (young or experienced), creative and authentic.

We promote artistic creation accessible to as many people as possible during our exhibitions and on our online contemporary art gallery.




Claiming to be part of the street arts movement, Ibrahima Bocoum alias Tampidaro is inspired by the street scenes of his city Dakar and its suburbs. Young talent to follow, he paints the tumult and the urban hubbub where everyone tries to find their place (car, pedestrian, street vendor ...).


Ibou Diagne, painter, born in 1973 in Dakar, will hold his first exhibition in the early 2000s.

With his touches of shimmering colors inspired by Claude Monnet, the artist Ibou Diagne often puts active women in the spotlight: at the market, in the fields, with their children ... on all fronts!

Ibou Diagne Oeuvre distanciation
L'artiste Saadio


Recognized artist, Mamadou Diallo dit Saadio is one of the precursors of the street art and pop art movement in Senegal.

This self-taught artist, beyond the inspiration of Basquiat, can be recognized by his urban microcosm full of symbols and so characteristic of Dakar. r, lively town full of charm.


Born in Dakar in 1981, Mouhamadou Sarr alias Pape Dudu graduated from the Dakar School of Fine Arts in 2002. He explores both the figurative and the abstract. His mixed technique combines acrylic and collage with the use of different materials such as cardboard, ropes, wooden sticks, etc.

Pape Dudu.jpg
Le photographe Xaadim


Born in 1988 in Guédiawaye (Dakar), Cheikh Hamadou Bamba Mbow said Xaadim grew up in a family of artists. His passion for art follows him like his shadow from an early age.

Influenced by the painting he also practices, the artist photographer captures the emotions of his subjects like poetry of the present moment.

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