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What could be more beautiful than an art painting hung in the hall or in the offices of your employees in addition to the aesthetic aspect? It calls out, attracts the eye and arouses curiosity and evasion.


Art enhances the brand image of a company among its employees and customers.

We offer you a wide choice of works of art, confirmed or emerging talents to decorate your premises and strengthen your image.

Sure bet for the future

Our artists, selected by our team of experts, are either emerging artists with high potential or confirmed artists already recognized in the art world.

Tax exemption

You can benefit from tax exemption if you buy artworks: you can deduct 100% of the value of the taxable result of your company (art. L238bis AB of the CGI for French companies).

Varied and authentic artworks

Discover on our site a wide choice of artworks where all categories and styles are represented. All our works are unique and authenticated by each artist.


Galleries, museums, art spaces, festivals and organizers of cultural events: get support in the organization of your events (seminar, conference, exhibition, opening, conference, etc.).

We can take charge of all communication, including digital communication for your actions, from graphic design to disseminate on our networks.

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Jendalma Art & Design

Jendalma Art & Design accompagne les entreprises pour renforcer leur image de marque

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