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You are an artcurator, gallery owner, collector, art lover, artists, decorator, interior designer, you represent an institution, a company: we support you in the development of your activity and your passions!

exposition commissariat


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Galleries, Museums, Arts spaces, festivals and organizers of cultural events,

we support and guide you in the realization of your artistic projects. From curating exhibitions to promoting it, from press relations to design (posters, videos, social media animation, live…), our experts control your communication and ensure the success of all your events.



For the

Art can be intimidating at times for some, we will guide you in your choices. Create a warm and cozy atmosphere with selected and authentic artworks just for you!

Our role is to initiate you into the acquisition of artworks by emergents or recognized artists, to help you in your choices according to your needs for you amateurs and art collectors.



For the

You have a decoration project for a client: private individual, hotels, companies, communities ... our team is listening to guide you in your choices in our gallery.

If you have special orders, we are available to assist you in achieving your project with our network of artists.

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What could be more beautiful than an art painting hung in the hall or in the offices of your employees in addition to the aesthetic aspect?

It calls out, attracts the eye and arouses curiosity and evasion. Art enhances the brand image of a company among its employees and customers.We offer you a wide choice of works of art, confirmed or emerging talents to decorate your premises and strengthen your image.



Jendalma Art & Design aims to support and promote artists (young talents and established artists), to coach them and help them to flourish. To promote art in all its forms, we regularly organize events (exhibitions, calls for projects, masterclasses, workshops, etc.) and give more visibility to all talents.

Our artists 'studio located in Les Mamelles and our artists' collective aim to provide artists with an ideal setting for creation and to allow young talents to be able to exchange ideas, share ideas, develop the spirit of group and collective work.

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