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11 artists from 7 African countries questioned themselves about the City of today and tomorrow following a call for applications. After 1 and a half months of work, they presented their physical and digital pieces of Art on May 18, 2024.

Mbedd mi mbeddum buur la

[The street belongs to the king (the State)].
Bopp sa bopp: every man for himself - When individual interests take precedence over the collective!


"Mbedd mi mbeddum buur la" is a selfish spirit in a society in which everyone does as they please...
If it's up to the king to make the law, when the king is absent, there's total disorder! And when someone protests, they're considered to be in the way.
But aren't we all Buur "King" when it comes to building a modern, liveable city on a daily basis?

From May 18 to Juny 19 is the exhibition in Dakar and online.

Find the curatorial project on our AfricArtshow !


All the artworks are available below: scroll down to discover the physical pieces and click on the button for the digital pieces

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