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Exhibition OFF Biennale Dak'art 2018: "African Women of yesteryear, inspiration for today!"

African Contemporary Art biennale Dak'art is held every 2 years in may.

During this biennale, different events are organized in Dakar : those events are in the IN, that means that they are on the selection panel, but also many of them are organized around the main event by cultural operators registered, in the catalog of the Biennale called : the OFF.

For this occasion, Jendalma and the gallery Kaay Séenù as organized an African women themed exhibition.

The exhibition curator Ms Astou Sall, trough this exhibition wanted to work with two young artists : Pape Dudu and Tampidaro, who have evolved in two different universes : the most famous one in portraiture and the other one in street-art, both associated to old photographs of women born between 1920 and 1930.

The two artists gave free rein to their imagination to create original works by showing their singular glimpses of today in this exhibition called: « African Women of yesteryear, inspiration for today! »

The African woman is magnified trough the elegance of our grandmother in traditional clothes, unusual hairstyles, jewels and makeup.

Next to photographic portraits, young talents of contemporary art gave their vision about the modern woman influenced by the memory of their ancestors, but also looking to the future and the realities of the present.

A bridge is created between generations, from the photographer to the visual artist, and from the woman of yesterday to the contemporary woman.

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