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Exhibition of the collective "The madmen of Dakar" 31 august, Dakar

Une performance collective en direct devant les spectateurs de la "Street expo" du collectif "Les Fous de Dakar"
Exhibition of "The madmen of Dakar" in front of the Jëndalma Art & Design workshop

La "Street Expo" organisé par le collectif "Les Fous de Dakar" avec Pape Dudu, Tampidaro, Ibou Diagne, Khéraba, Dioman, Baba Diedhiou à l'atelier d'artistes Jëndalma Art & Design de Ouakam
Affiche de la Street expo du collectif "Les fous de Dakar" le 31 août 2019

The collective "The madmen of Dakar" is born!

The objective is to federate, promote artists and cultural actors by regularly organizing events with specific topics to raise awareness and sensitize.

The objectives are therefore :

- To organize events regularly to promote collective's activities;

- To animate the sites around Ouakam-

Dakar to create to create momentum and space for contemporary art;

- To set-up training workshops;

- To organize exchange meetings between artists to enhance their experience.

August 31 was our premiere, and the audience was there.

One week before the event, artists invested in the exhibition space in front of the Jendalmart artist workshop to paint and tag the esplanade in the street .

This premiere was an exhibition inside the gallery, but above all outside, on the street. All the artists worked on the daily life of the street: highlighting the characters who animate the city of Dakar and try as best they can to manage to live and exist.

An on-site performance thrilled the audience! The 6 artists created a live painting to raise awareness of deforestation and climate change worldwide.

The painting's title “Camazonie” refers to the Amazon, but also, with the C, to Casamance, also affected by deforestation. It is also a tribute to the many victims of the sinking of the boat Le Joola at the center of the work, which calls out: if nothing is done, a terrible catastrophe is on the way!

To be followed in our site.

Event coordinator: Ms Astou Sall of Jendalmart

Artists: Tampidaro - Kheraba - Dioman - Pape Dudu - Baba Diedhiou - Ibou Diagne

Partners: Mamour, Kaay Seenu Gallery

Madiama Diagne cultural actor, association president

Les touches impressionistes de l'artiste-peintre sénégalais Ibou Diagne
Painting by the artist Ibou Diagne
L'artiste-peintre Pape Dudu à la Street Expo du collectif "Les Fous de Dakar"
Painting by the artist Pape Dudu
Le résultat en peinture et collage du tableau exécuté en direct par le collectif "Les Fous de Dakar"
Camazonie, 6 hands painting
Qui dit Street expo dit street art: tous les artistes du collectif "Les Fous de Dakar" ont embelli la rue !
The Street Exhibition was also admired on the ground
Fin en musique de la Street expo du 31 août 2019 avec "Les Fous de Dakar"

"The madmen of Dakar” artists' collective evening

Photographie de la Street Expo par le jeune talent Baba Diedhiou du collectif "Les Fous de Dakar"
Photographs of the serie Goorgorlu by Baba Diedhiou

L'univers de l'artiste-peintre Khéraba Traoré à la Street Expo du collectif "Les Fous de Dakar"
Khéraba Traoré presents his works

L'univers décapant de Tampidaro du collectif "Les Fous de Dakar"
Sniper by Tampidaro

L'univers coloré et imagé de Dioman à la Street Expo du collectif "Les Fous de Dakar"
Kobe by Dioman

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