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Artists from Africa and its diaspora at your fingertips

Jendalma Art & Design the African Art start-up created by Astou Sall

Passionate about art, Astou Sall Ferrère has made the discovery of talented African artisans and artists during her many travels.

In 2012, after many meetings, she created Jëndalma, an online sales site to showcase Made In Africa and hand-made in France.

His regular stays in Senegal, his country of origin, allow him to build up, little by little, a personal collection of contemporary art paintings by young talented painters.

From 2016, she developed a communication consulting activity in Dakar and opened a physical store in 2017 supplementing her online craft sales site. She is integrating more and more artistic works into it.

Jëndalma then collaborates with several artists to organize and promote exhibitions in Dakar, notably during the Off of the Dakar Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2016 and then in 2018.


To support artists and make them known, Jëndalma Art & Design has, since 2018, specialized in contemporary art with the creation of an artists'studio dedicated to young talents in Dakar then the launch in 2020 of your gallery contemporary art online.

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