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Mikita and El Bachir are participating in our 2nd creative residency from April 10 to June 25, 2021 to complete one of their artistic projects.

After a call for applications, their selection was unveiled on April 7, 2021 and will lead to the production of a series of artworks which will be the subject of a public and virtual restitution at the end of the residency.

"The joy of life regained"


Myriem Tenfiche alias Mikita's project is to make people feel her wonder of a post-covid life inspired by the colors and scenes of Dakar.

"Wakh xa guiss"

(Say what I see)


With his project, El Bachir Diouf, nicknamed Lebachart, wishes to question the crisis of values ​​that the world is going through by using the mirror of an aquatic fauna revealing our failings.

At the end of the residence, takes place online

the virtual restitution entitled "Ndaje" (encounter)!

Discover all the works produced in our showroom

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