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Résidence artistique Jendalmart


14 artists residing in Senegal participated in a unique remote creative residency from late July to early September 2020

After a call for applications, the entire selection was unveiled on July 29, 2020 before a virtual exhibition at the end of 2020 presenting their vision of the world of today and tomorrow.


Open your eyes!


If “Bët set” means in Wolof the time of day when the day has just dawned,
the interjection “na” invites for action!
14 talented artists questioned themselves on their vision of the world of today and tomorrow after the shock of Covid-19!

Bet set na: the immersive 3D virtual reality exhibition launched by Jendalma Art & Design

From September 30 to November 28, 2020,

the virtual exhibition took place!

Find the curatorial project on our AfricArtShow!

All the works are available below and their presentation by each of the artists

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