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Artists selected for the Creative Residence #3 "Mbedd mi mbeddum buur la"

Dernière mise à jour : 6 mai

Bravo to all the artists who applied for our 3rd International Residency "Mbedd mi mbeddum buur la"!

We have chosen the following 11 talented artists from all over Africa to take up creative residence (both remotely and physically in our art space for Dakar residents) until 30 April:

■ HAWA-JANE, painter and digital artist from Sierra Leonne

□ Chùmá ANAGBADO, phygital artist from Nigeria

■ Habibatou Yaye KEITA, visual artist from Mali

□ CHELWEK, street art and digital artist from Kenya

■ Sinenkosi MSOMI, photographic artist from Eswatini

□ Aïssatou CISS, artist photographer from Senegal

■ Mpho JACOBS, painter and digital artist from South Africa

□ Laye KA, painter from Senegal

■ Korka KASSOGUE, visual artist from Mali

□ Oyi SANDS, digital artist from Nigeria

■ Mohamed Mounir NGOUPAYOU, painter and digital artist from Cameroon.

Each of the selected artists:

👉🏿 will produce 2 original works

👉🏿 will receive curatorial support

👉🏿 will take part in a group exhibition as part of the OFF of the Dakar 2024 Arts Biennale.

We would like to thank our partners (1mA Collective, I Love Sénégal and the Cultural support fund of the Dakar City) and invite you to follow the progress of the residency on our social networks.

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