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Extension of the exhibition "Bët set na" Open your eyes!

The exhibition "Bët set na 👁 Open your eyes!" is extended until November 28, 2020.

Our dedicated virtual Exhibition room at has already welcomed more than 2000 unique visitors. Daily visits continue at a steady pace and the first sales are encouraging the creation of the 14 talents.

In addition, there are tens of thousands of views of our posts on our social networks.

If "Bët set" in Wolof refers to the time of day when the day has just dawned, the interjection "na" invites action! Today we invite everyone to appreciate the works and, beyond that, to buy them which is the best way to support the artists.

The virtual exhibition is organized by Jëndalma Art & Design with the support of the digital platform I Love Sénégal and the "Institut Français" of Senegal.

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