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The exhibition "Bët set na" Open your eyes! is online

After the creative residency, the virtual exhibition "Bët set na 👁 Let's open our eyes!" started this Wednesday!

If "Bët set" means in Wolof the moment of the day when the day has just begun,

the interjection "na" invites to action!

It is a question of becoming aware of the state of the world in which we have lived up to now.

Like the coronavirus, invisible but present, we see the effects of human actions on our environment. From the desolation of this deadly health crisis for Man, from its positive impacts on nature (lower pollution, return of animals to cities...), from the changes in our daily life and in our economic and social model (consume and produce locally, move only if it is useful, take refuge in digital technology...), will we learn anything?

14 talented artists, selected for a creative residency at distance, questioned their vision of the world of today and tomorrow! 

From 30 September to 30 October, they will present their work in our virtual exhibition room.

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